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OYO coupons for the budget traveller in Malaysia

Travelling the world is everyone’s dream. The beauty of our entire planet is what we yearn to see. Sadly, not everyone could afford a trip around the world. All that will change with travel and hotel coupons and discount codes from OYO coupons in Malaysia. Visiting our dream places will finally be a reality with the best deals and promos available. You don’t need to go far to find hotel discounts and coupons. Choose from hundreds of coupon for budget and premium stays available at your finger-tips and you’ll be living the high, jet-set profile life with the best from OYO rates. Find out more about OYO coupons in Malaysia below.

A little bit about OYO

Before we find out what type of coupons OYO has, let’s look at it as a possible partner in future travels. OYO is a company that started off in India and has made its way around this part of the world. Spread across 190 cities with over 6500 hotels, OYO has made headlines all over the world.

As a goal, OYO hopes to change the way people stay when abroad. This goal has motivated the company to partner with the best and biggest hotels and resorts worldwide to give customers premium quality accommodation with minimal budget costs. The way OYO does this is to standardize all of its amenities, create affordable prices for the average person and to maximise technology when in booking your accommodation.

Iprice and OYO coupons

To cut the hassle, OYO’s coupons are giving a large variety of discounts and rebates to travellers in Malaysia. But since many of us are unfamiliar with OYO coupons in Malaysia, let’s look at some that may be of help to us in the future. Here are some examples of OYO coupons on iprice:

Flat 20% off + 30% cashback in OYO Wallet

Get 20% off + 30% OYO Money Cashback

Get 20% off + 10% extra on prepaid bookings across M'sia

OYO promo 20% Instant Discount+30% OYO Money Cashback

OYO promo 20% Instant Discount + 10% on Prepaid

It’s so simple! You don’t need to have any privilege or member card or anything special. Simply use the discount codes and promos available on the OYO coupon page on iprice and get rewarded upon purchase. As the seasons and festivals go, be on the lookout for more interesting deals from OYO. Each with its own goodies in store, you can’t resist OYO coupons.

How maximise the use of OYO coupons

Booking for hotel and other types of lodging comes with a few easy steps using OYO hotel booking services. With the advent of online buying, a potential traveller could look up OYO coupons and offers and get the best deals out there. To start, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Browse iprice’s OYO coupon page. Find the deal that suits you best. Click on it. You will be redirected to the OYO website.
  2. If there is a coupon or promo code, copy the code for later.
  3. Find your desired accommodation through OYO
  4. Register for your OYO account. Fill in your name, email, phone number and country of residence.
  5. Read through the description of the stay (number of guests, additional features, etc)
  6. Read the fine-print and double check the dates, location and times of your stay.
  7. Look up a map to find ways to move to and from your accommodation.
  8. Register for your OYO account. Fill in your name, email, phone number and country of residence.
  9. Double-check the total price of your stay.
  10. Paste the promo code or coupon code in the available section.
  11. Proceed to confirmation page
  12. Make the payment for your stay using credit card or debit card. Snap a photo or screen shot of the payment details for recording purposes once it is done.
  13. Check email confirmation for your booking number and details.
  14. Enjoy your stay!

Compare unbeatable prices with OYO on iprice

The beauty of OYO as a travel tool is the ability to look into the details of each hotel and lodging. The most obvious feature looked at is of course, the price, then the location, followed by the other facilities such as Wi-Fi capabilities and gym and pool amenities. When searching for OYO hotels or other accommodations, type in a destination and the search tool will work its magic. It lists down a myriad of potential lodging options with a link to its fares and features. Some user reviews also compare OYO to other accommodation websites and give high rating and positive reviews for OYO hotels.