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Lazada – a “Tomorrowland” of awesome products and amazing discounts

If you are a frequent online shoppers or have at least attempted to buy something online,then Lazada is definitely your best acquai. With a huge fan base of over a million people, it can be said that Lazada is currently the dominant of e-commerce industry in the South East Asia region. There is almost no online retailer that can compete with Lazada’s giant e-mall across 7 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

One of the factor that helps Lazada to achieve its status today is agreeably a well organised website that delivers the same exhilarating shopping experience as in brick-and-mortal malls. At Lazada, you can easily find your desired item to add on to your shopping cart by simply browsing through its 7 “floors”, each one is dedicated to a specific category.

  • 1st floor: Home appliances
  • 2nd floor: Home & Living
  • 3rd floor: Mobiles & Tablets
  • 4th floor: Fashion
  • 5th floor: Watches – Sunglasses – Jewellery
  • 6th floor: Health & Beauty
  • 7th floor: Computers & Laptops – Consumer Electronics – Cameras
  • 8th floor: Toys, Kids & Babies
  • 9th floor: Sports & Outdoors
  • 10th floor: Media, Music & Books
  • 11th floor: Automotive

With these broad product categories, you can now shop online for almost anything no matter where you are. Imagine the amount of time you will be able to save with the help of Lazada. Instead of wandering around the mall aimlessly just to find one or two items, just turn on your laptop or even smartphone to get access to a whole new universe where everything is made digital. You can literally buy countless of products in just a few clicks away. What a time to be alive!

Lazada’s journey to e-commerce planet, armed with passion and dedication

More than a decade ago, shopping online was still an unfamiliar term to most of us. However, thanks to the rapid growth of the use of Internet and secured online transaction, entrepreneurs started to embrace the advantages of the World Wide Web and quickly turned it into business platforms.

Now let’s rewind to the year 2012, it was when Rocket Internet – a German e-commerce incubator set its first footprints in South East Asia with the grand introduction of Lazada. While online shopping has already been adapted to many people’s lifestyle, it was not the same case in this region as the percentage of online shoppers only takes up a very small portion of its population. Hence, the first mission of Lazada was less about selling but they actually aimed to change the way people shop.

Recently, Lazada celebrated its 3rd birthday with tremendous achievements, those that were set at the very beginning of its journey:

  1. Marking 4 million monthly visitors to their website
  2. Having over 12 million Facebook fans
  3. Employing 4000 full time employees
  4. Having offices spanning across 5 countries which are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam 

It is agreeably that Lazada has accomplished its mission of encouraging people to shop online.

Why should you shop for your daily essentials at Lazada?

  • 10 points out of 10 for customer service

Lazada offers their customers not only excellent products catalogue that is guaranteed 100% authentic but also continuous sales and promotions. On top of that, you can always rely on Lazada’s helpful customer service team whenever you need any assistant, be it product quality, return or exchange enquiry, just get in contact with them at 03 8601 1888 for an instant response.

  • Seasonal and Holiday sales, promotions for unbelievable savings

We believe that no one can ever say no to sales and promotions. Well, get yourself ready for an abundance of serendipitous finds of enticing discount rates on almost anything available at Lazada. This online mall excelled in the e-commerce game partially thanks to its wonderful deals that are constantly up for hunting.

These promotions usually come in the form of coupons, which can be found right here on You will certainly be spoiled with their exclusive deals for many newly released products, especially electronic gadgets. 

  • Shop online effortlessly at Lazada

Lazada always commits to bringing an effortless shopping experience to customers. In order to make sure everyone is satisfied with their service, Lazada – these codes of conduct:

    • Cash on Delivery
    • Nationwide Delivery
    • Buyer Protection Guarantee
    • Trusted Seller Only
    • Outstanding customer service
  • Shop and save like never before at Lazada

Being one of the most trusted online retailers for their great products offered at great values, Lazada further enhances shopping experience by giving out more incentives in the forms of coupons and vouchers. Simply browse through our listed promoted deals, offers and Lazada coupon codes above to save a great amount on your purchase at the store.

These coupons are available for free and what even better is that you don’t need any membership to be entitled for these amazing offers!

  • How to redeem Lazada coupons and voucher codes?

Once you have found the desired deal, just follow these steps to redeem your coupons.

    1. Select the Coupon or Offer
    2. If it is a coupon, a series of code will be generated for youProceed to the Lazada store Upon payment confirmation, you will see a box to key in coupon code 
    3. Now, simply “paste” (Ctrl+V) the code that has been copied to enjoy the discounted price
    4. Shop as usual and check out once your cart is filled
    5. Click copy code
    6. If your selection is an offer, there will be no code required. All you have to do is go straight to the Lazada store to explore the available deals. Simple as that!

SAYS brings you incredible benefits from coupons and vouchers in Malaysia

Hold your excitement because we are about to transport you to cloud nine with an overload of even more discount opportunities! SAYS joyfully present to you this special Lazada coupon page where you will be able to find even more online shopping deals at too-good-to-be-true prices.

With just a simple and hassle-free coupon redemption procedure, you have already caught yourself an amazing deal and now all that’s left to do is patiently wait for your order to deliver right to your doorstep.

An effortless shopping experience starts right here!