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Travel on a Budget with KKday Coupons and Promos in Malaysia!

Do you love to travel the world? Do you love seeing new sights and sounds and experiencing life in all its glory? Now you can achieve your dreams with KKday. Since travelling today is part and parcel of our work-life balance, we seek new thrills that are easy and affordable outside our home country. For us in Malaysia, our options are endless. But what’s even better is we can redeem great discounts on our travel and stay. With KKday coupons, accessing these discounts requires a few clicks of a button. Let’s look at how you can get the biggest value for money with KKday discount codes.

Why travel with KKday?

Before travelling, we are often curious about which travel medium to use. But going online, you will find that many Malaysians choose KKday for its amazing value and easy solutions to travel. Here are some reason why KKday creates such an unforgettable travel experience.

Variety of travel destinations

Choosing a travel service is sometimes determined by what locations it offers. Thanks to KKday, we can travel to over 170 cities across 53 different countries. Those countries include Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, USA, Japan, and Thailand. For us who love big cities, Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Bangkok, and Paris will surely give us the WOW experience.

Unparalleled safety

Travelling around the world can be dangerous. Particularly when travelling to third-world countries, you may find yourself in sticky situations with accommodations and bookings. Not to worry! KKday has a safe solution to your travel. Using SSL technology, KKday ensures that your personal information online is kept private and secure. Using PayPal as the main form of payment option, KKday further can track your payments and cash-flow safely.

Travelling made easy

Online shopping makes everything easier. So does KKday. To start off, KKday provides a platform with multiple languages. This means people from all language backgrounds can use the deals and coupons available onsite. KKday also hooks you up with your local provider using the KKday Contact function. You will get all your information in a heartbeat. KKday also customizes your travel based on what you want. Simply type in the search function and you will get the best deals for that time period.

How to Redeem your KKday coupons at iPrice

KKday is your travel buddy anywhere you may want to go around the world. Aside from their excellent service, you can also use KKday coupons and promos to make your travels even better! Before using KKday coupons, it is vital to know how to correctly use this feature to get the most out of every deal. Here are some simple steps you can follow:

  1. Go to the KKday coupon page on iPrice or scroll up to view the latest coupons from the store.
  2. Click on the code that you want to use on your purchase. You will then go to the KKday home page for faster booking and transactions. A KKday coupon code will also appear before you get rerouted to their site.
  3. Copy the code and paste it into the discount box or the promo section provided before you confirm your bookings on KKday.
  4. Payment can be made via PayPal or more frequently Credit Card. Visa and MasterCard are preferred for most travel and hotel retailers. Fill in your payment details, make sure you’ve filled in the correct details and proceed to purchase.
  5. Enjoy the hottest deals and discounts when you travel with KKday!

Tips for Booking with KKday Malaysia

To make your bookings even more convenient, below are some tips that would help you navigate around the store.

  • Search for the exact hotel and travel arrangement. Take note if the price of the deal includes travel and accommodation. Also take note of the additional facilities and other details such as transport to and from the hotel, Wi-Fi services and pool and gym.
  • Read the fine-print and little details before deciding to purchase. Note down the dates of redemption for the travel and hotel stay.
  • Always print out your itinerary and hotel booking confirmations before you head to the airport. This serves as your extra copy and a backup in case of emergencies.
  • If you have further inquiries or details needed, you could always contact KKday’s customer service. Here are some details on how to contact KKday customer service Contact Number at 03-9212-6674.

Now that you're ready for your next travel, book with KKday now and have a wonderful experience travelling! Make sure you redeem your KKday coupons and promos before booking your hotel or air fare with KKday!