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Groupon Malaysia offers a wide array of coupons for your shopping needs. Whether you shop online or on malls, rest assured that Groupon’s got your covered with their enormous deals and big discounts. Partnering with big names in the shopping industry, Groupon guarantees hassle free coupon redemption, great service and a value for your money. So start claiming your coupon codes now and shop ‘til you drop!

Know more about Groupon Malaysia

Groupon was founded by Andrew Mason in 2006 out of frustration from trying to cancel his mobile service contract. Out of this unfortunate event, sprung up an idea that large numbers of people can get together to accomplish one goal. From that simple idea, Andrew Mason released the Point - a web-based platform where people can collectively pitch in both ideas and financial aid to reach a specific objective.

It had positive feedback in Chicago - Andrew’s hometown until a group of users decided that their cause would be to save money. What they did was to get a certain number of individuals to purchase the same product in order to gain group discounts. It worked so well that one of the founders - Eric Lefkofsky, saw the potential of group buying, and in 2008, Groupon was born.

Groupon’s rise as a coupon-centered market

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As what you all have speculated, Groupon is a contraction between “group” and “coupon” and initially offered discounts on nearby pizza places and restaurants. 16 months after the company conceptualized and focused on group buying, it boomed to value $1 billion and became one of the biggest IPO (Initial Public Offering) in the Internet since Google in 2004.

From a simple idea to one of the biggest coupon companies in the market, Groupon is now slowly gaining traction in Asia with partners such as iprice, Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, Nike and many more! You can view the available coupons on this page and start shopping for your favorite items now!

Why shop with Groupon?

  • Groupon is great for tourists and people who had recently moved in. You can instantly grab coupons for activities that would get you started such as cooking classes, painting, comedy clubs, museums and more. It can also help you find a new hobby with tons of Groupon coupons available!
  • Groupon Malaysia coupons can also help you find the right gift for your loved ones. With big discounts and even bigger stores and items up for grabs, you will never have a hard time finding the right present for the occassion.
  • We know how in demand gadgets are today and how expensive they can be. Get into the gadget and electronic buzz easily with Groupon coupons for your gadget and electronic finds.
  • Travelling can be  an expensive and potentially problematic (if not done with careful plannning) but with Groupon coupons, everything will be easy breezy. You can travel the Malaysia with ease to major destinations here and abroad with Groupon’s travel coupons.

The Groupon App

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Facing the era of mobile phones and handheld technology, Groupon also has an app that would let you access tons and tons of the best deals in Malaysia. Available in Android and iOS, you can simply download the app, login to your existing Groupon account or simply sign up using your Facebook or Google account and you’re in! You can now browse for the best deals in Malaysia and use your Groupon coupon codes on your purchases!

How to get Groupon Coupon discounts

One of the best things about groupon is that the more people use a specific discount coupon, the bigger the discount you can get for your purchase. To know the different coupons available, you can go to the official Groupon website or simply scroll up to see the latest coupons available.

How to redeem your Groupon coupons:

  1. Look for the best deals in Groupon’s coupon page or simply browse through the coupon categories to find the best coupon.
  2. Read the terms and conditions in fine print to make sure that you don’t miss anything or any information that you might need.
  3. Make sure to take a note of the date, time and payment method used to redeem your Groupon coupon.
  4. Confirm your coupon purchase by paying through debit or credit. Fill in the details required or if you have a Groupon account, simply login and use your account.
  5. Once confirmed, you will recieve an email detailing your purchase and an option to invite your friends to purchase the same coupon. If they do, you will get a discount of RM10 on your next purchase.
  6. You can print out your voucher or simply screen shot it on your mobile phone as proof of purchase.
  7. You can then enjoy the hottest deals and the biggest discounts using your Groupon coupon!

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Get the biggest discounts with Groupon coupons Malaysia

Like the many trends today, Groupon coupons come and go. This is the reason why it is important to be updated with the latest coupons available in Malaysia to enjoy your discounts. You can do this by signing up with their website and newsletter, and downloading the Groupon app available in the App Store and Google Play. This way, you would know the hottest coupons and quickly redeem them to get the best discounts!

Don’t just stop there! Remember how Groupon offers bigger discounts to popular coupons? Get your friends into Groupon and enjoy even bigger discounts!