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Say goodbye to transportation woes with the fastest and safest taxi booking app Grab promo codes, now available at coupon page. The Grab app was created by its founders to help people in Malaysia to get more efficient and safer taxi rides. Malaysian taxi services was ranked last place in The Expat magazine survey on taxi services in 2008. Hence, with Grab Malaysia is currently transforming the local taxi industry! Be part of this wonderful transformation by downloading the Grab app now!

How the idea for Grab came about?

After claiming the No.2 spot in Harvard Business School business plan competition, co-founder Anthony Tan made this idea into a reality, a for-profit social start-up that aims to revolutionise the taxi industry in the Southeast Asian region. Grab’s core product is a revolutionised forme of taxi dispatch service, tapping on advanced GPS-capable devices, the MyTeksi app allows passengers to hail nearby taxis with just a few taps on a smartphone.

We’re pretty sure that everyone has faced a lack of taxi drivers, especially when one is needed the most. Raining? Rush hours? The taxis will always disappear at those moments in need. Need to get around quickly in Kuala Lumpur after a good shopping haul at the mall? But the queue for taxi is long? Grab will hopefully be the other alternative for you to get around more conveniently as you can check the availability of taxis nearby just by swiping on your smartphone (much more efficient than the old CB Radio dispatch system that requires you to call up, wait and wait for the operator to assign a ride for you, not to mentioned with more extra charges for its service).

So with the seed funds from their Harvard Business School Business Plan competition, the duo started to make the project a reality in the Malaysian market. The Grab app was officially launched in June 2012 after many months were spent in understanding the problems of both passengers and taxi drivers in Malaysia. With its first year experimenting and iterating the Grab app. Then in 2013, Grab initiated its first overseas launch in the Philippines under the moniker GrabTaxi. Currently, the Grab app is present in:

  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia

How to use Grab promo code 2016?

  1. Browse through Grab promo code at the coupon page.
  2. Download for free the Grab app on your smartphone. (Available for iOS, Blackberry and Android phones)
  3. Open the app and key in your destination.
  4. The Grab app will start to locate nearby taxi rides that are available.
  5. Tap on to book and key in the promo code column to enjoy your discount.
  6. After a driver is assigned to you, wait for your pick-up.

You can choose to pay via debit/credit card or cash.

Helping more people with Grab app

The situation of the taxi system before Grab was ineffective, passengers couldn’t get their rides, taxi drivers struggle to earn a living and waste their daily working hours driving around looking for passengers at the wrong time/location, this mismatched situation also affected Taxi fleet operators. Hence, Grab strives to fulfil the needs of all these three parties with the help of technology and adaptation.

Taxi Drivers – were found to face difficulties in finding customers, especially during off-peak hours and were forced to be idle. But now, taxi drivers can utilise the MyTeksi app to pick up passengers at nearby locations, they can also plan their schedules better to be at the right time to do more pick-ups and earn more money

Passengers – are always on the lookout for more convenience and safety when taking the taxi. With a trackable GPS system wired with Grab drivers, passengers can now not only get a ride in a shorter waiting time, but also get in a taxi with greater confidence and worry less about safety.

Taxi Fleet Operators – struggled to fulfil the growing demand for transportation with outdated technology. Now, with the cost-effective Grab app technology, taxi fleet operators are again inspired to improve the poor taxi service system in Malaysia.

A potential solution that will benefit all three parties and subsequently improve Malaysia’s public transportation standards!

5 Reasons why you should use the Grab app

Although there are 37,000 registered taxis in the Greater Klang Valley region around Kuala Lumpur, taxi firms still face difficulties in meeting both supply of taxi drivers and passenger demand. With only the old CB radio dispatch systems that broadcasts from one to many, taxi operators take an average of 30 minutes to successfully pair up driver and passenger.

So, use the Grab app and enjoy these five plus points!

  • Enjoy shorter pick-up time, from the usual 30 minutes, you can get on your ride with an average pick-up time of 15 minutes.
  • Find your driver within minutes, with the taxi’s vehicle number and name.
  • Wired with the GPS tracker system, so your ride is safer!
  • Book a taxi in multiple cities with a single Grab app.
  • Grab drivers are willing to pick-up and send passengers to remote locations as well as irregular hours.

Complete your ride experience with Grab today!