Online Shopping – a phenomenal living life style through the decade

When Amazon was introduced exactly a decade ago, they brought about an unprecedented change in the business world as a whole. However, the person who put down in writing this idea and made e-commerce history was not Jeffrey P. Bezos, Amazon’s Founder but an innovator named Michael Aldrich. His ‘Videotext’ creation back in 1979 was believed to be the first concept of an e-commerce business model as what we have come to know today. Let’s go back in time to learn more about the consistent growth of the e-commerce industry.


Michael Aldrich invented ‘Videotext’, a telemarketing service in the UK that started electronic commerce business (e-commerce).


Pizza Hut became the first company to process payments online with the invention of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) by Netscape, a navigator browser.


Google launched Froogle (which is now Google Shopping), essentially a price comparison site that allows users to quickly search and select their desired item from different merchants.


Having foresight of the potential e-commerce growth in South East Asia, Rocket Internet - an Internet platform, was founded with an aim to spread out the impact of online shopping onto the market. They have changed the phase of businesses in the entire region with the birth of Amazon-like stores such as Lazada, Zalora, and Foodpanda just to name a few.


iprice – the first go-to destination where all e-commerce stores are brought on board, was introduced in 7 countries across South East Asia. It is now on the journey towards conquering the e-commerce industry within the region with their never-before-seen business model.

We believe that e-commerce is here for the better. If you have yet to experience the joy of online shopping, read on to discover the bundles of greatness in the world of virtual stores.

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